Custom photography is an investment in the most precious work of art...your family!  A beautiful photograph can be cherished for a life time, gaining in heartfelt value as the years go by.  It is an investment that helps preserve family memories and reminds us just how beautiful the little moments in life truly are.


Family Portait



Family Portraits (*up to 6 people)

$95.00 for 30 minutes, 8 edited photos

$175.00 for 60 minutes, 15 edited photos

*extra charges apply for family portraits over 7 people.




                                                        Newborn and parentsNewborn and parentsNewborn photography with her mommy and daddy. Taken at home in Salem. Her first family portrait taken by Vancouver WA photographer.


Newborn (4-12 days old)

$175.00 1.5 hours, 15 edited photos


Newborn with family (Up to 6 people)    

$225.00 2-3 hours, 20 edited photos 






Sitter Session